The Governance Process

A comprehensive description of the governance process can be found at

A Note on Proposal Results

JET tokens must be staked in order to cast a vote on proposals. The SPL governance program considers a vote "passed" if >50% of all staked tokens voted "yes". JetGovern proposal results as viewed on and will display results accordingly.

However, the JetGovern frontend behaves differently -- Proposals are passed or rejected by simple majority of votes cast. A proposal "passes" when >50% of the votes on that proposal voted "in favor" of the proposal, and is rejected if >50% of the votes cast were "against" that proposal. Any "abstain" votes do not count either way.

In the future, JetDAO may implement a required quorum for votes to pass as defined in the SPL governance program. For example, requiring that a certain percentage of staked JET cast a vote before the results of the vote either way will be considered valid.

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