Program Structure

The governance related features are managed by 4 separate on-chain programs:

  • SPL Governance - The governance program deployed by the Solana team, which supports creating proposals that can be voted on to execute on-chain actions.

  • Stake Program - A Jet program which locks deposited tokens into a vault that can be drawn from for insurance purposes. The program also allows the minting of derivative voting tokens, which are used for voting on proposals in the Jet DAO realm of the SPL Governance.

  • Rewards Program - A Jet program which provides mechanisms for distributing rewards:

    • Airdrops - Allow some set of addresses to claim free tokens, which are deposited into the staking program when claimed.

    • Distributions - Provide some fixed yield to an account over time. This is used to provide short-term rewards for stakers.

  • Auth Program - A Jet program which verifies that a user completed any necessary verification workflow with Jet's backend off-chain services. The staking program requires a verified account with this program to allow any user to create a staking account.

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